AI tools to better inform European Citizens

Antonio Arcidiacono

Audiences consume more and more news content from social media and platforms. These give access to stories from around the world, without having the same obligations for accuracy and verifiability that Public Service Media (PSM) does. For trusted news sources, it is more important than ever to join forces and monitor the news as the stories unfold. EBU (, together with its Members, has created innovative tools, leveraging automatic translation of both text and media so that journalists and consumers can effortlessly follow a variety of trusted sources in their own language. In this talk, I’ll describe two main tools we developed at EBU: News Monitoring Tool for journalists (BtoB) and a Recommendation Box for consumers (BtoC). The former constantly ingests articles from all sources and their related media (images, audio, photos) and translates them to the desired languages using EBU EuroVox. The content is then indexed so journalists can easily find what they are looking for in their own language. The latter tool provides value directly to the audience by creating collections of content that can be integrated in minutes as a simple widget. Translations are done again by using EuroVox, recently expanded to include Ukrainian and Russian. This innovative approach was successfully deployed to major central European broadcasters (FranceInfo, RAI, ARD, RTVE, ..).